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Yoga Teacher Training

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This immersive yoga training course teaches you how to surrender to the moment and live with greater awareness and intention even if teaching is not the end goal its perfect for deep discovery. Heart-opening techniques, meditation, and breath-based asana guide you through a deep and transformative inner journey that will enhance your relationships and change the way you see the world.


A Yoga Teacher Training Journey, of Self-Exploration and Empowerment. Embrace Love, Uncover Your Voice, and Radiate Positivity with Our Transformative Offerings.

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Module 1 - Techniques. Detailed application of Hatha yoga postures, Surya Namaskar - Including Jivamukti A Surya Namaskar, pranayama and meditation, deconstructing poses from all groups e.g. forward bends, back bends, twists, balances, sitting and standing poses. Assists and adjustments. Module 2 - Practical experience of teaching asana. Adjustments and assists. Begin teaching in partners, then to the group and work up to teaching a public class for your final assessment Module 3 - Applied anatomy and physiology Study and embodied learning of yoga anatomy and an overview of body systems about yoga practice. Module 4 - Yoga philosophy and history About seminal yogic texts. The four paths of yoga – bhakti, jnana, raja, karma.  Module 5 - Teaching methodology and sequencing Approaches to teaching and understanding appropriate class progressions for various types of groups. Sequencing classes with peak pose and also laddering the asana, creating creativity with vinyasa classes eg themed with seasons chakras etc, Class management and creating a student-centred environment. Module 6 - Yoga lifestyle, Ethics & Yoga business and marketing The yogic life includes cleansing methods and the sattvic (pure) diet. Maintaining a high standard of ethics in teaching and in business. Best practices when dealing with clients, studios, media, and fellow teachers. Learn how to set up your class, nurture links within the yoga community and market your business effectively.
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Practice of Asana Pranayama The practice and refining of the asana will be within the Hatha Yoga series, Surya Namaskar A & B including. Basic Pranayama techniques that will be taught include Ujjai, Nadi Shodana, Bhastrika, Bhramari, and Kapalabhati. Dhyana in the form of meditation. Teaching Practice & Methods We will have a mixture of lectures and demonstrations on all modules, with a lot of emphasis on a hands-on approach to learning, with demonstrations in whole groups but also practising the teachings in small groups finding their teaching voice from the get-go Anatomy will not only be taught in a lecture style in stand-alone dedicated sessions but will also be woven through into the practical sessions of the teachings of asana and alignment with the observation of how the asana affects the body anatomically and contraindications A particular focus of the course The focus will be sequencing and creativity learning to structure classes with peak poses laddering classes and breath connection (vinyasa) creating individual teacher style learning how to create themes (chakra focused - season change), another particular focus will be on alignment and being confident in performing adjustments safely and the use of props making yoga sessions accessible to all. Overall aim The aim is to be not only a certified yoga teacher but a confident and knowledgeable teacher able to deliver a safe and informative yoga practice with their creative style. To be able to confidently perform suitable adjustments and correct alignment with the use of props.
What will I be able to do? You will become a Yoga Alliance Professionals certified teacher, equipped with the knowledge and confidence skills to safely teach yoga classes, To be able to deliver basics-beginners sessions. To be able to offer suitable modifications using yoga props and supports
How will the course be assessed? 100% attendance. Assessment will be a combination of class observation. Written assignment. Philosophy and Anatomy test. Emphasis will be on practical teaching demonstrations throughout the course A class evaluation from the Senior teacher and teaching team


Spend a day delving deeper into the roots of yoga and experience the style of a teaching day with us. 9.30 am - 400pm Saturday 16th March Sunday 16th June Investment £70 Deductible from TTC costs if signing up that day Meet the team open day Free TBC 12.30 -3.30


Investment £2,350 Early Bird £2,100 ( Ends July 2024 & January 2025) Deposit £350 non - refundable Personalised Payment Plans are available OPTIONAL Foundation Plus Mentoring Continued 20 Hours £150 not payable until end of course and optional


Weekend TTC Dates 2024 We will be meeting Saturday & Sundays 9.00 am - 5.30pm in the studio for training September 7th - 8th & 21st - 22nd October 5th - 6th & 19th - 20th November 9th &10th December 7th - 8th January 11th - 12th & 25th - 26th February 8th-9th & 22nd-23rd March 8th -9th 4 hours online live Zoom TBC 2025 DATES March 29th & 30th April 11th-12th & 26th-27th May 10th-11th & 24th - 25th June 13th - 15th July 5th -6th & 24th-25th August 9th - 10th September 6th-7th & 20th -21st 4 hours online live Zoom TBC
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