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Discover Yourself

Deepen Your Internal Roots. Explore the depths of yoga, delve into the sutras, embark on a journey within to blossom, grow, and find unity with yourself. Deepening your roots awakening your practice awakening your consciousness. Invite your inner teacher! Come and learn the roots of Yoga through a deep dive into Patanjali’s eight-limbed paths of Yoga. This workshop is perfect for the curious student wishing to deepen their practice to be more than just asana and to introduce themselves into the magic of teacher training, even if teaching is not the end goal!

What your day includes

This workshop is perfect for self exploration, it is delivered in a way to give you a small snippet and a small taste of how you would learn within Eden yoga teaching academy, so if you are considering delving deeper this could be the workshop for you, by learning the ancient philosophies and intentions of Yoga: to quiet the mind, remove suffering and find liberation. Together we will learn the eight limbs of Yoga and how to apply and explore these concepts in modern life, followed by a flow style practice to get us out of mind & into the body. We will delve into the eight limbs in various teaching techniques, from movement to stillness to listening and observing, this is a great opportunity for you to discover Eden Yoga amazing teachers, there styles and drink in the knowledge of the teachings they share.You will also make new and like minded friends along the way. The day will start with meeting, greeting and refreshments, Moving on to a brief outline of the eight limbs before breaking them down and learning more.
Image by Dane Wetton


Saturday 16th March 9.30am - 4.00pm Sunday 16th June 9.30am - 4.00pm Investment £70

What to bring

~ Wear suitable clothing for physical practice. ~ Yoga Mat & Props don't worry if you do not have, we have plenty. ~ Pen & Paper if you wish to take notes ~ Open mind ~ Lunch & Snacks
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