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Mandala Magic

Join the beautiful Hollie for 90 minutes of her ever inspiring Mandala flows!

What your day includes

Calling upon the wisdom from nature from the four elements; fire, water, air and earth, with mandala yoga, we begin to explore on a much deeper richer layer, of the subtle energies the body holds. Working our way around the mat in a creative flow, we become present, light and may find space within the spiral energy that we may not have discovered by staying within the linear approach. Mirroring the complexity of nature, yoga is not just one dimensional and mandala allows our creativity to be reignited whilst staying curious and playful in the space. Since training in the mandala methodology my practice has improved not only physically but spiritually too. With its high influence from shamanic practices we find that we can discover so much about ourselves from nature, the elements and the chakra system- something that the western world has become a little distant from. Mandala is a dynamic vinyasa practice but has options for all levels. I’m super excited to explore with you. Sessions are held the first Sunday of the month, 11.00am
Image by Dane Wetton


Investment: £10

What to bring

Yoga mat Towel Props Lots of energy and fun
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