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Terrie Louise

Eden Yoga is the real deal. Senior, devoted teachers with a combination of experience guide you every step of the way. Dive deep into fundamental Yoga scriptures. Learn breath-based asana, pranayama, meditation, and anatomy. Grow a spiritual foundation for authentic practice. Develop and practice key teaching techniques for safe, expert guidance and alignment. Delve into the magic of yoga even if teaching is not the end goal.

Hey so if you have made it this far you are intrigued to delve deeper right? I have pulled upon years of personal experiences, yoga teachings and knowledge to create and present you with a fully informative, fun and creative teacher training course. Embracing yoga was a transformative moment in my life, captivating me from the start with its profound physical and mental benefits. Through challenging periods, yoga became my sanctuary, guiding me through various life stages. Its impact wasn't limited to me; it extended to my family, sparking a realisation that this beautiful gift needed to be shared. From a modest YMCA training in the UK, I delved deeper, undertaking intensive training in India and progressing to go back to India to study Jivamukti Method of Yoga. My studies extended to specialised areas like Yin yoga, children's yoga, yoga for special needs, and mindfulness. The journey is perpetual, and I find solace in forever being a student, eager to continue sharing the enriching journey of yoga with others. I guarantee you will be fully supported and learn all the skills to be a confident and knowledgeable teacher bringing your creative flare to the yoga world, and the support continues after your final assessment with the choice to continue with our ongoing mentoring, My aim of this informative teacher training is to enable you to delve deeper into self-exploration and the teachings of yoga, even if teaching is not the end goal, my whole focus will be on you enhancing your whole being and letting the good vibes transcend further than yourself, if you are still intrigued or need to speak to us after all its an exciting journey give me a call and we can discuss more.
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