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Hollie Beardmore

Eden Yoga is the real deal. Senior, devoted teachers with a combination of experience guide you every step of the way. Dive deep into fundamental Yoga scriptures. Learn breath-based asana, pranayama, meditation, and anatomy. Grow a spiritual foundation for authentic practice. Develop and practice key teaching techniques for safe, expert guidance and alignment. Delve into the magic of yoga even if teaching is not the end goal.

Hi …I’m Hollie. I was first attracted to yoga for the physical practice like most of us are, but what has kept me coming back over the last 7-8 years is so much more. In short, yoga has helped broaden my perspective on myself and all other living beings and offered me a safe space to be curious and explore all parts of myself with compassion, which I had never really had for myself before. Having consistent practice allowed me to push my comfort zones – at times humbling for my ego, but has given me the gift of resilience and the essence to explore and lean into areas of discomfort – as the beauty is - this is where we transform. Working on the mat ultimately leads your life to change off the mat, as what you learn is transferable and you can’t help but let the magic alter your life for the better. Of course, you find times of frustration and resistance but what the philosophy of yoga reminds us of is simply; if you have intention with action, you are always flowing and evolving without becoming too attached to the outcome. With yoga I discovered self-love & self-trust with the 8 fold path, allowing me to form strong boundaries and acceptance giving me the confidence to be in service to others. I have also made strong personal bonds with others throughout the years who I have practised and taught alongside giving me a beautiful extended family. I have completed over 500 hrs of training in India including, ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket, Yin, and Mandala with shamanism. I am also a qualified and practising sacred alchemist, offering hypnosis and therapeutic healing and coaching in a variety of methods and also teach reformer Pilates. I teach with heavy influence from the mandala method which combines the elements and chakra system in flow. This practice really resonates with me and the broader sense that all is connected and we can get much wisdom from nature. When it's called to delve deeper into the many layers and complexities of yourself through the practice of yoga, know that it’s a beautiful path that will be a catalyst for change. Whether you are looking to become a teacher to be in service to others or if you want to deepen your own practice and knowledge, this course is a great starting point that will turn into a journey of self-realisation and actualization.
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