Workshops & Masterclasses 

Mandala Masterclass

Fire element

With Hollie 

A playful and dynamic practice moving 360 degrees around the mat, softly flowing through strong poses and optional inversions to the rhythm of the breath. The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body corresponding to the element and related chakra of the day as per the Mayan Calendar. The target areas according to element are:

  • Fire - twists- outer leg/core

  • Water - inside leg, adductor activation

  • Air - front body, backbends

  • Earth - back body, forward folds


The class will begin and close with Yin postures to compliment the subtle and physical body. A creative Vinyasa practice to satisfy and challenge the body and mind.

Anyone who loves a Vinyasa will love Mandala. It’s more free for each body to allow you to be more intuitive.

Mandala Masterclass (800 × 600px) (600 × 800px).png

Sunday 29th May 

11am - 12.30pm