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Awaken Your Energy

Embrace the awakening of spring with Two and a half hours dedicated to YOU! This workshop, filled with various Yoga practices, aims to connect you to your Inner Sun, leaving you ENERGISED, AWAKE, and ready for the year ahead. The spring equinox is a time for celebrating the place of balance between darkness and light, has the days and nights become equal in length, there is said to be a fight between these forces. This is a time of great spiritual significance; as we are drawn away from the darkness, by the light as it battles for dominance. Reflectively, this is often the place we find ourselves in when moving into a more awakened state of consciousness. The ineffable source of all life goes by many names. Our own personal store of lifeforce energy can, at any time, be abundant, blocked, dull, radiant, stagnant, over flowing. Yoga, in all it’s forms, moves our blockages and stagnant areas of energy, and allows it to flow freely. When Prana is in balance, we feel radiant, abundant, alive, and life flows more smoothly.

What your day includes

In this Workshop, we will aim to understand the nature of and connect to our own personal store of Prana. After the stillness of Winter, we need to wake up and emerge into a more energising and vibrant state of being. we will be looking to create balance and to find a true footing within our practice, our life and our relationships. This Workshop embraces the energy of the sun, with a range of Yoga Practices that is designed to bring a balance between the body, the mind and emotion. to connect us to our Inner Sun, our Solar Energy store, this will leave you feeling ENERGISED, AWAKE and ready for the rest of the year. We will begin with some paraynama (breathing techniques) moving into Asana While flowing gently through some postures, and delicately holding others with the use of props for an effortless feel, you will watch your body and mind disappear into a well of space and deep inner peace. The yoga will be followed by a calming meditation
Image by Dane Wetton


Investment £25 Includes refreshments and cake Saturday 23 March 2.00pm - 4:30pm

What to bring

Yoga Mat & Props ~ no problem if you don't have any, we can provide Blanket or warm jumper for relaxation
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