Our aim is to ensure that everyone gets as much out of their practice as possible. Help us to help you by please observing the following:


  • Slip your shoes off before you go into the room- we practice barefoot!


  • Set up quietly so you do not disturb others. Many people arrive early so they can enjoy the heat and some quiet before the class starts - and you are welcome to do the same. 


  • The studio is a quiet place. No talking is allowed in the studio, also please be mindful of talking loudly when in the the recepton area. Please ensure you bring your own large non slip towel to cover the mat and plenty of water into the room with you (mats are provided).


  • You must leave purses, phones, and keys outside of the room. It is essential to the practice that no outside noises disturb the class.

  • Please do not come to the class if you are sick - Many people crave the heat and sweat when they have a cold, but again, it's not fair to everyone else. You must declare any illnesses or injuries to the receptionist on duty and also to the instructor. It is advised to seek medical advice before participating in our yoga classes. 


  • Please try and stay in the room for the entire practice. If at any point the heat becomes overwhelming then please take a short break by lying down on your mat- if you do have to leave please do so with as little disturbance as possible.

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