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Unicef Update 

The unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is escalating with many civilians being killed each day & millions more being displaced from their homes.  These innocent people are suffering & need our help. 

The Eden team like most, have felt heartbroken & helpless by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  As we are unable to help in any other way, we decided that we would try to raise money for Unicef,  who are working tirelessly to provide aid to the children and their families in Ukraine.

We recently started our fundraising for the people of Ukraine.  From Monday 7th - Friday 11th March,  all profits made from both our Studio & online classes and a couple of additional donations were collected for Unicef. 


With your help Eden has donated, the grand total of £1068, which has been sent directly to Unicef.  

A big thank you to all our clients who joined a class to help with our fundraising, and to those who have sent donations to us.  

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